Intel Joins OLPC Team

The two biggest rivals aiming to distribute laptops to the third-world shorties—Intel, develper of the Classmate PC, and One Laptop Per Child led by Nick Negroponte—have shaken hands and buried the hatchet, says the AP. Here's the skinny: » 7/13/07 11:22am 7/13/07 11:22am

Nobody mentioned taking back , but surely that's in the agreement somewhere. []

Negroponte to Intel: You Suck!

Nicholas Negroponte has started a bitch-fight against Intel because, according to him, they are trying to drive him out of business by underpricing their OLPC rival, the Classmate. He says that Intel "should be ashamed of itself" arguing that by bringing a low-cost laptop to developing countries, they hurt "his… » 5/21/07 9:38pm 5/21/07 9:38pm