How to Design a Smarter Olympics Bid

The Olympic Games are often a bittersweet milestone for a city, filled with economic and political ups and downs. But it would appear that Oslo's 2022 aspirations are set for success in the hands of Norwegian design firm Snøhetta, which has executed one of the most elegant Olympic bids in history. » 4/08/14 5:40pm 4/08/14 5:40pm

Tattoo? Symbiote? What the Hell is That Thing On Olympian Kerri Walsh's …

For the longest time I thought the black sinewy thing on Olympic beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh's shoulder was either a confused Alien » 8/17/08 11:00am 8/17/08 11:00am face sucker, a horny spider, a bad tattoo decision (a la Mike Tyson), or all of the above. Turns out I was way off, and it's actually Kinesio athletic tape from a company in…

10 Unique Olympic Flame Cauldron Designs

Earlier this week, the NYT put together a timeline of the evolution of Olympic torches throughout the years. The guys at OObject have followed that list up with 10 of the most notable cauldron designs, and they make a good point while they are at it. While the cauldron was a part of the festivities since the original… » 8/08/08 6:20pm 8/08/08 6:20pm

Streamlined Speedo Swim Suit Is Too Slippery When Wet

Officials from the International Swimming Federation (aka FINA) want to speak with Speedo next week about their high-tech swimsuit. Seems the athletes who use the swimsuit are breaking all sorts of records and, with the Olympics coming up, FINA doesn't want anyone getting an unfair advantage. Unfortunately for FINA,… » 3/30/08 9:30pm 3/30/08 9:30pm