After Losing Nukes, Air Base Fails Inspection: Security Caught Playing Games On Cellphones

After losing track of six nuclear warheads last year, you would think that the crack security team at Minot Air Force Base would pull it together for their much anticipated nuclear security inspection. Unfortunately, you would be mistaken. Inspectors from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency failed the security wing… »5/30/08 2:50pm5/30/08 2:50pm

Top Gun 2008: Biggest RC Airplane Competition in the World

Click to viewThey may not be made of LEGO or Star Wars-related, but if you like amazingly detailed, huge aircraft models—like the SR-71 above—head to Lakeland, Florida, and Top Gun 2008: the 20th anniversary edition of the biggest RC model competition in the world. It starts tomorrow, five days of pure nerdgasm »4/22/08 4:30pm4/22/08 4:30pm

Iron Monger Looks Like Badass Old Italian Espresso Machine

Yeah. New Iron Man trailer. Shorter than the amazing full trailer, but with a few new seconds. Tony "Iron Man, it's kind of catchy" Stark still looks like a billion dollars. And Virginia "Pepper" Potts looks like a trillion. Iron Monger, however, looks like a gigantabolous vintage Italian espresso machine, as you can… »3/27/08 11:30pm3/27/08 11:30pm

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope in Awesome Video Action (Verdict: My God, It's Full of Stars)

Witness the power of the fully operational Microsoft WorldWide Telescope, as Roy Gould and Curtis Wong walk the audience at TED through this stunning software effort. Some experts say that the WorldWide Telescope, which puts together terabytes of information from telescopes all over the world to make a seamless… »2/28/08 9:00am2/28/08 9:00am

Aquadom Is Largest Cylindrical Aquarium on the Planet

Click to viewWhat do you do with a 25-meter-high acrylic glass cylinder, 238,000 gallons of sea water, 2,600 fish from 56 different species, and two divers? The Aquadom, the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world, that's what. In its core there's an elevator that travels through a cylinder of glass. As you will see… »2/19/08 12:10pm2/19/08 12:10pm

Kota the Triceratops Is Amazing, Eats Deep-Fried Pleos for Breakfast

I'm in awe with Kota The Triceratops Dinosaur, a $300 fully articulated 40-inch-long robot in the shape of a real-sized baby triceratops that, according to Playskool, any kid can ride. Yes. Full size. Baby. Triceratops. Riding. Robot. Really, this thing looks so cool that makes the Pleo look like a bag of bricks. »2/15/08 1:53pm2/15/08 1:53pm

Sony CineAlta 4K SRX-R220: Ultra-HD Cinema-in-a-Box System Could Probably Destroy Planets Too

Witness the obliterating power and sheer magnificence of the new Sony CineAlta 4K SRX-R220, the projector that can display 8.850.000 pixels of ultra high definition footage in movie theaters, crazy rich people's home theaters and probably be integrated as deathly weaponry in any space battle station. »4/25/07 6:42am4/25/07 6:42am