Video: Boeing 767 pilot avoids crash with Airbus A340 crossing runway

A Boeing 767-300 had to abort its landing at Barcelona airport when an Airbus A340 suddenly crossed the runway as it was a few feet from touch down. It would have been a disaster comparable to the accident at Los Rodeos, in Tenerife, when two 747s collided on the runway killing 583 people. » 7/06/14 11:58pm 7/06/14 11:58pm

The Oxford English Dictionary Hearts <3 as First Purely Symbolic Word

The stuffy old OED—the last word in what is and is not the English language—has decreed that <3 is a word. Or rather, the vertical version of that. It's the first time a symbol has been included as a word. Death of the English language? Natural lexicographic evolution? Just a way to screw with QWERTY keyboard makers?… » 3/24/11 5:20pm 3/24/11 5:20pm