Timothy Leary Once Thought Orgasmic Brain Radios Would Replace Drugs

Counterculture icon Timothy Leary was a longtime advocate of drug use as a way to expand minds. "Turn on, tune in, drop out," became one of his most popular phrases in the 1960s. But in 1987 Leary predicted that people of the 21st century wouldn't need "old fashioned" drugs anymore. Instead, we'd all be using "brain… » 11/25/13 1:01pm 11/25/13 1:01pm

47 Futuristic Jobs You Were Supposed To Have By Now

Earlier this week, the Lt. Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, said that in the future, "65% of grade school kids are going to have a job that hasn’t been invented yet.” If the past has taught us anything, though, it's that most yet-to-be-invented jobs will never actually exist. » 9/12/13 12:39pm 9/12/13 12:39pm

Let's Remember Bob Guccione for Omni Mag, Not Just the Porn

Perhaps most famous for smut-mag Penthouse, we'd rather remember Guccione for the tech/sci-fi magazine Omni, which hasn't been seen on newsagents' shelves since 1995. It was hugely inspirational for its time, when robots, space and gadgets were on everyone's minds. » 10/21/10 3:20am 10/21/10 3:20am

Somebody Buy This NASA Robot Hand Complete With Space Gloves

I wish I was so rich I could justify buying this NASA Omni-Hand I off eBay. Not only is it the first motorized dexterous robotic hand, it even comes with space gloves. Space gloves! Yours for $18,750. » 9/25/10 6:00pm 9/25/10 6:00pm

Is the HTC Omni the Google Android 'Dream' Phone?

The possible gPhone prototype we pointed out yesterday named the "Dream" might just be this HTC Omni communicator. The first reason is that HTC's actually seen and commented on the internal Google prototype, even going so far as to consider developing a real version of the reference design. Unwired View matches up the… » 11/06/07 2:45pm 11/06/07 2:45pm

HTC Omni Revealed: UMPC-Like, But Runs Windows Mobile 6

We're personally looking forward to the Vista-capable HTC Shift for our UMPC-from-HTC needs, but this HTC Omni seems quite nice from the renders. It has WM6, 3G UMTS/HSDPA, a 4-inch 800x480 display, TV/VGA out, 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM, microSD expansion slot, 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, GPS, a large QWERTY and a size of 130 x… » 7/04/07 11:40am 7/04/07 11:40am