OnLive Now Charging Only for Gameplay (No Monthly Fees)

The streaming game service is no longer charging $15 in monthly fees, so if you've been put off by yet another monthly direct debit, now's the time to sign up for a free trial. Jason loved it when he tried it out at home, but was put off by the various fees associated with it—though they were touting a promotion for a… »10/05/10 7:30am10/05/10 7:30am

Hands-On Samsung's BD-UP5000 Hybrid HD DVD and Blu-ray player (Verdict: So Far, the Best)

I just had some hands-on time with Samsung's BD-UP5000 Duo HD, their first hybrid Blu-ray and HD DVD disc player. It's so good, it might as well be called BD-UP-Yours-Format-War. (Get it? Yeah, sorry, that wasn't too funny.) It's not the industry's first hybrid disc player—the LG BH100 has that honor. But it is the… »7/25/07 7:30pm7/25/07 7:30pm

Lexus IS 350: Hands All Over, Lots of Power, Even More Gadgets

Gizmodo friends over at Wired's Gadgetlab reviewed a Lexus, not for it's drive impressions, but for its gadget-ocity. The count: In-dash navigation system with rearview backup camera, heated and ventilated seats, SmartAccess key that unlocks the doors and enables the starter button when you get close, radar assisted… »8/01/06 10:07pm8/01/06 10:07pm