Sugar On a Stick Turns Any Netbook Into Your Very Own OLPC

While it's probably not very practical for typical day-to-day laptop use, the Sugar Linux desktop environment, designed for the OLPC project, is a novel take on user interfaces. Now, Sugar Labs has released Sugar on a Stick, a version of the OS that is designed to boot, run and save data from and on a USB drive. [… »6/24/09 4:58am6/24/09 4:58am

Amazon to Sell OLPC in November, Including Dual-Boot XP Model

From November you'll be able to buy the OLPC »9/05/08 9:30am9/05/08 9:30am in its classic "buy one for the price of two" offer from Amazon, which should be a smoother way of distributing the device than when the OLPC was originally on sale from the source. This new Give 1 Get 1 program will also cover the Windows version, now that Microsoft have…

OLPC Origin: Bittersweet Success and Future of the XO Laptop

When I met with Nicholas Negroponte not long ago, he laughed at the coverage he'd received through the past few years, including our own portrayal of Intel chairman Craig Barrett and him as Beavis and Butthead. Far more hurtful have been the admonitions of his own former staffers who feel he has mismanaged the OLPC… »8/28/08 2:40pm8/28/08 2:40pm

Secret Origin of the OLPC: Genius, Hubris and the Birth of the Netbook

From the moment Nicholas Negroponte showed off his $100 laptop concept at the Davos world economic summit in January 2005, it was as if the tech world's supermoguls were glowering down on him in judgment. Over the course of the year, Craig Barrett, Michael Dell, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs weighed in, privately… »8/26/08 12:00pm8/26/08 12:00pm

Mystery Tablet Shown at Intel Event, Either the Classmate 3 or a Quad Core Speak & Spell

At the end of an otherwise tepid presentation »8/19/08 8:10pm8/19/08 8:10pm at the Intel Developer Forum today, Dadi Perimutter, head of Intel's Mobility Group, dropped a bomb (via PowerPoint) on his audience: a mysterious tablet device, which could well be the next generation of OLPC competitor. If that is the case, the OLPC might really have…

First Footage: Same OLPC XO Boots Both Sugar and Windows XP

This is the first footage of the same XO OLPC doing a dual-boot of Sugar Linux and Windows XP—something skeptics have said wasn't going to happen. Soon, XOs will ship with both Sugar and XP for Boot Camp-style dual-booting options. They will never come with only XP, though the team is working on adding more of the… »6/23/08 12:01pm6/23/08 12:01pm