Bender Webcam Records You Doing Disgusting Things, Meatbag

Reader Matt heard my pleas when I saw the Mr. Burns webcam and decided to take it upon himself to create a one of a kind Bender webcam from scratch. Well, not exactly from scratch—he used a pre-made Bender and a pre-made Creative Live! Video cam—but he did somehow shove the two together to make one insanely great… » 4/14/08 4:30pm 4/14/08 4:30pm

Dragon Bike is Perfect for Chinese Food Delivery

The "Dragon Bike" is the latest creation from famed bike artist Jay Broemmel—and it would undoubtedly turn some heads if you were to ride it down the street. Broemmel even added some special touches in the form of Blue LED headlight eyes that move when you turn the handlebar and a jaw that bites down when you squeeze… » 12/27/07 6:20pm 12/27/07 6:20pm

Each BEAM Nightlight Has Photography Shot Just For You

No two BEAM nightlights are alike, thanks to photographer Ernest Goh and designer Daniel Pillai. The case, nearly a meter long, employs 40 LEDs to light a strip of medium format transparency film. Instead of using a reproduced sheet of photos, the BEAM lights up an entirely unique strip individual to your nightlight.… » 7/06/07 12:40pm 7/06/07 12:40pm