Sony's XDV-W600 Portable TV Does Something Like No Other Bravia: Goes…

Sony's XDV-W600 is no 60-inch high-contrast plasma TV, for sure: no, it'll sell for a different reason... it's waterproof. In fact, it meets IPX 7 and IPX 6 specs, and can safely go three feet under for half an hour. Clearly designed to go in the bathroom, it looks a smidge like a bar of soap, and has a 4-inch screen,… » 9/02/08 4:35am 9/02/08 4:35am

Nintendo DS TV Tuner, Finally Priced & Dated

Nintendo first mentioned this 1seg tuner for the Nintendo DS well over a year ago. Since then, we'd pretty much forgotten that it existed/lost any hope that it would ever actually be released. But Nintendo just announced that they will be launching the product on November 20th in Japan. The sweetness of wireless… » 10/25/07 8:38am 10/25/07 8:38am

Japanese Want Quake-Alarm Cellphones Sooner Rather Than Later

With all the natural disasters this past year, Japan isn't taking any chances. As one of the highest risk areas for earthquakes, the country's Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry is looking to develop an emergency broadcast system that would be able to turn on your cell phone and send a warning alarm and… » 12/19/05 4:57pm 12/19/05 4:57pm