This Onion TED Parody Has a Dog Eating Apple Pie, and That's All That Matters

I'm sure the new Onion's TED parody is funny, but I was just too impatient to sit through all that talk about how we consume, digest and poop out news even before they are fully written. So I jumped to the end, when a dog eats an apple pie, a moment I've waited to see in detail since they released their series trailer. »11/28/12 1:16pm11/28/12 1:16pm

The Onion Profiles a Little Town's World's Largest Website

TheWorlds, located in the center of town and featuring thousands upon thousands of long, scrolling pages of text and images, is an impressive computer-age curio. But to the people of Sunnyvale it's much more than just a roadside attraction: It's a point of pride-and an economic boon-in a corner of… »4/29/11 9:00am4/29/11 9:00am