How Did We Get to Where We Are Now with Online Privacy?

Real life privacy is an easy thing to understand. Don't peek into my windows! Don't put up surveillance cameras on every corner! Don't tap my phone calls! But what about online privacy? What should the government (ahem, NSA) be able to know about us? How much data should companies give them? And just how the heck did… »7/25/13 10:00pm7/25/13 10:00pm

You Should Break Up with Your Boyfriend If He Hacks Into Your E-Mail and Uses Your Sexual History Against You

Over at Slate, Dear Prudence got a question from a reader involving her creepy and insecure boyfriend. Why creepy? Because the girl recently discovered that her boyfriend had hacked into her E-mail account and sifted through 5-years worth of messages. Even worse, the prick filtered searches to find emails with "date"… »4/09/11 10:00pm4/09/11 10:00pm

VP Candidate Biden Is No Friend to File Sharing, Net Neutrality Protection or Online Privacy

CNet's Declan McCullagh wrote up an informative history of Joe Biden's tech-related voting record »8/24/08 4:30pm8/24/08 4:30pm—if Biden's name rings a bell, it's because he's the guy . Maybe you don't care about the doings in Washington, but you may want to know that Biden considers a lot of criminal activity. Here's what I'm talking about: • He…