Vimeo Secretly Launches an Improved, Super Fast HTML 5 Player

Vimeo is officially launching a new default HTML 5 player that's 50 percent faster than the the flash module that came before. In fact, you may have already been using it for months as the service has been slowly rolling it out to users. Sneaky, sneaky! Pretty much the only way you'll use the oldness is on Facebook… » 1/07/14 9:00am 1/07/14 9:00am

YouTube Rumored to Launch Their Professionally-Produced, Original…

The Wall Street Journal expects the next generation of YouTube to begin next week with Channels, a handful of hubs focused around a particular theme that feature hours of original, studio-produced programming. » 10/27/11 8:58am 10/27/11 8:58am

Welcome to the Era of Hyper-Connected Super Bowl Ads

From the way people are already drooling over tonight's tweetable, social media-savvy Super Bowl ads, you would be forgiven for thinking that the famed Lombardi Trophy will be awarded to an ad agency, instead of the usual football-playing recipient. » 2/06/11 12:00pm 2/06/11 12:00pm

Attention Filmmakers: You Can Now Upload Full Length Films to…

As of today, Vimeo now allows their Plus users to upload HD videos as big as 5 gigs (approx 2.5 hours in length). This should appeal to the site's flourishing independent filmmaker community, and hopefully spawn some awesome content. » 1/05/11 7:30pm 1/05/11 7:30pm

Hulu's Working on a Show of Their Own: Die, Cable Providers, Die

Hulu just put out a casting call in search of hosts for a new clip show they have in the works. While seemingly innocuous, could this be the birth of the internet's first major TV studio/broadcaster? » 12/07/10 1:40am 12/07/10 1:40am

Get Hulu Plus for Only $7.99 Now

Boy, that was quick—Hulu Plus has dropped in price to just $7.99 a month. It's not quite the $5 price cut we were hearing before, but every dollar helps—particularly as Roku now supports it. [Hulu Plus] » 11/17/10 7:00am 11/17/10 7:00am

Want to Break Online Video Records? Hire Snoop Dogg to Blow Shit Up

To promote online game Mafia Wars Las Vegas, game developer Zynga hired Snoop Dogg to blow up a 4-ton armored truck in the Nevada desert, while it was live-streamed to Ustream. It pulled in more viewers than TV broadcasts attract. » 8/23/10 6:20pm 8/23/10 6:20pm

Watch Vimeo Videos on iPad Using New HTML5 Universal Player

Sticking a couple big ones up Adobe's way, Vimeo's embeddable Universal Player allows for playback of Vimeo videos on iPads and other non-Flash-supporting devices, using HTML5—but also detects other supported video formats, playing in Flash or native too. » 8/17/10 9:00am 8/17/10 9:00am

HTML5 vs. Flash: The Video Benchmark Deathmatch

With the release of the iPad, among other things, HTML5's been pitted against Flash as the savior of web video. It might be! (Or not!) Either way, a crucial arguing point is that it's more efficient. So, uh, is it? » 3/10/10 1:35pm 3/10/10 1:35pm

So, Comcast, About That Hulu Pay Wall

That's a resounding no from Comcast chief operating officer Steve Burke, who unfortunately isn't able to make this call, at all. But at least he means well! » 12/03/09 12:25pm 12/03/09 12:25pm

Google Acquires On2, Could Mean Big Things For Online Video

Google has entered into an agreement to acquire On2 and their video compression technology. With YouTube in it's back pocket, it seems likely that Google could push this technology all over the web—giving them even broader control. [BusinessWire] » 8/05/09 2:56pm 8/05/09 2:56pm

Microsoft Silverlight Now Supports GPU Video Acceleration

Download links are live for the latest version of Microsoft's softly maligned not-Flash plugin, and they come bearing gifts. Ars breaks the new features down:
» 7/10/09 5:05am 7/10/09 5:05am

Hulu and Disney Deal "Could Be Struck Any Day" Now

Disney's talks with Hulu are wrapping up and a deal could come any day now, according to All Things D. Three of the four major networks will be on Hulu. So what's Disney bringing to Hulu? » 4/02/09 9:49am 4/02/09 9:49am

Flickr Opens Video Uploads to Everyone, Adds HD Option for Pro Users

Flickr's somewhat stunted video feature always seemed kind of basic for a "pro" service. Now, finally, uploads have been opened to regular users, with added HD support for paid subscribers. » 3/03/09 6:40am 3/03/09 6:40am

Google Video Finally Falls to YouTube

YouTube stablemate Google Video, which tragicomically never made it out of beta, will stop accepting uploads in a few months. Plus, other no-name Google services are dying. Goodbye! [Google Blog via NoWhereElse] » 1/15/09 7:24am 1/15/09 7:24am

Netflix Available on Tivo NOW!

Dooooooods! Not only can you order pizza and carry on a technosexual relationship with your Tivo, but as of today, you can watch Netflix on it. I'm never leaving the house again...ever. » 12/08/08 12:01am 12/08/08 12:01am

Internet on Verge of Exploding: YouTube Now World's No. 2 Search Engine

Productivity is dead, the internet is going to explode » 10/17/08 11:30am 10/17/08 11:30am. According to ComScore's August 2008 search engine rankings, YouTube is now the number two search engine in the world, surpassing Yahoo. YouTube fetched over 2.6 billion search queries that month, trumping Yahoo's 2.4 billion—though Google itself still reigns…

Joost Flash Player Launches Tonight, Has Serious Hulu Envy

The poor kids at Joost—and their partners at Viacom—thought the future of TV on the computer » 10/13/08 9:00pm 10/13/08 9:00pm would be a discrete app that blended a slick TV emulator with internets! power. They were wrong, : It's all about the browser. So that's where . Its Flash-based player officially launches full-throttle tonight. The early word…

Vudu Version 1.5 Update Lets You Extend Expired Movies (Every Video…

Vudu has just been bumped to version 1.5, and the headlining feature should make its way to every video rental setup: Extensions! If you only get halfway through No Country for Old Men (or any other flick) before the 24-hour window is up, you can extend the rental period for a discounted price, $2 off HD movies and a… » 5/28/08 7:30pm 5/28/08 7:30pm

Netflix: Rental-by-Mail Has Five Years Left (Subtext: Discs Have Five…

At Netflix Investor Day, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed their timeline for the end of the rental-by-mail biz, and why they're digging so hard into digital distribution: It "will probably peak in the next five years." Taken more broadly, it's more or less predicting that the real end of physical media is in T minus… » 5/28/08 4:10pm 5/28/08 4:10pm