Vimeo Secretly Launches an Improved, Super Fast HTML 5 Player

Vimeo is officially launching a new default HTML 5 player that's 50 percent faster than the the flash module that came before. In fact, you may have already been using it for months as the service has been slowly rolling it out to users. Sneaky, sneaky! Pretty much the only way you'll use the oldness is on Facebook… »1/07/14 9:00am1/07/14 9:00am


Internet on Verge of Exploding: YouTube Now World's No. 2 Search Engine

Productivity is dead, the internet is going to explode »10/17/08 11:30am10/17/08 11:30am. According to ComScore's August 2008 search engine rankings, YouTube is now the number two search engine in the world, surpassing Yahoo. YouTube fetched over 2.6 billion search queries that month, trumping Yahoo's 2.4 billion—though Google itself still reigns…

Joost Flash Player Launches Tonight, Has Serious Hulu Envy

The poor kids at Joost—and their partners at Viacom—thought the future of TV on the computer »10/13/08 9:00pm10/13/08 9:00pm would be a discrete app that blended a slick TV emulator with internets! power. They were wrong, : It's all about the browser. So that's where . Its Flash-based player officially launches full-throttle tonight. The early word…

Vudu Version 1.5 Update Lets You Extend Expired Movies (Every Video Service Needs This)

Vudu has just been bumped to version 1.5, and the headlining feature should make its way to every video rental setup: Extensions! If you only get halfway through No Country for Old Men (or any other flick) before the 24-hour window is up, you can extend the rental period for a discounted price, $2 off HD movies and a… »5/28/08 7:30pm5/28/08 7:30pm

Netflix: Rental-by-Mail Has Five Years Left (Subtext: Discs Have Five Years Left)

At Netflix Investor Day, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed their timeline for the end of the rental-by-mail biz, and why they're digging so hard into digital distribution: It "will probably peak in the next five years." Taken more broadly, it's more or less predicting that the real end of physical media is in T minus… »5/28/08 4:10pm5/28/08 4:10pm