How to Meet an Online Friend in Real Life Without It Being Awkward

You're not looking to bang every person you meet online. Sometimes, you're just looking for friends. But somehow, meeting someone you know online platonically has become a far more awkward endeavor than a random OKCupid date. You know her but you dont know her. Do you shake hands? Do you hug? Do you do that… »6/28/13 4:32pm6/28/13 4:32pm

A Man Pushed His Wife Off a Cliff, Possibly Because She Discovered His Online Affair

Charles Black, the man pictured above, is being accused of smashing his wife's head with a rock, dragging her to a cliff and then throwing her over that cliff. Amazingly, she's still alive. The police are saying that Black's motives may be because his wife, Lisa, discovered that Black was having an online affair with… »4/22/11 12:00am4/22/11 12:00am