Oooms USB Memory Sticks Made From Real Sticks

A decade ago, your average tree wanted to grow up to be a great novel. These days, trees are going high tech by offering their branches up as fodder to be transformed into USB flash drives. Oooms' creatively named Wooden Memory Sticks are crafted from hand-picked wood from the forests of the Netherlands. Match one… » 7/10/07 6:50pm 7/10/07 6:50pm

Rollator Treadmill...That Moves

The Oooms Rollator is a treadmill that breaks the rules, Fonzie-style. While most treadmills are designed to keep you stationary, the Rollator moves you around when you walk...just like if you were really walking. So what's the point? (plus bonus video after the jump) » 7/07/07 2:03pm 7/07/07 2:03pm