The Dress and #Ferguson Are the Two Sides of Social Media Explosions

To understand the mass hysteria around The Dress last week, you can't compare it to other memes. You have to compare it to political events like #Ferguson, which are its diametrical opposite. Except in one way. » 3/02/15 1:55pm 3/02/15 1:55pm

What To Do When It All Goes Wrong

Visiting dangerous places, leaving cell signal behind, traveling by yourself and just generally taking risks? Well, guess what? At some point, it's going to go badly for you. Likely when you least expect it. Here's what I've learned about self rescue. » 12/17/14 5:22pm 12/17/14 5:22pm

​Why Google's Self-Driving Car Will Fail

What Happens To Music After Net Neutrality?

Years ago, I believed experts who said Net Neutrality wasn't a big deal for two reasons. First, It never really existed in the first place (because many ISPs prioritize traffic in some way, say, for or against online gaming). Second, the free market would solve the problem, because ISPs that threw up bad content… » 1/19/14 2:00pm 1/19/14 2:00pm

Why I Just Don't Give a Shit About PRISM (Or Any Other Spying)

Last night, the world found out about the NSA's pervasive, encompassing PRISM surveillance program. We learned that we are all being monitored, in a literal sense, and that the largest tech companies on the planet are involved. There is no way to avoid it. And I just can't find any reason to care. » 6/07/13 3:01pm 6/07/13 3:01pm

Why 3D Printing Is Overhyped (I Should Know, I Do It For a Living)

Everyone's now aware of 3D printing — they’ve read about it in the papers, on blogs or seen it on TV. The mentality now seems to be that, in the future, we'll be able to download our products or make them ourselves with CAD programs, apps and 3D scanners, then just print them out, either at home, or in localised… » 5/17/13 9:11am 5/17/13 9:11am

Amazon Is Selling Die-Cast Replicas of Military Vehicles, Everybody…

The Amazon product page for Maisto International Inc.'s model Predator drones has been inundated with snarky parody reviews mocking the replica, apparently as a means of "protesting" the government's controversial practice of targeted drone strikes. But rather than dissuade potential customers, the shrill whine of… » 2/16/13 6:00pm 2/16/13 6:00pm

The Perfect Definition of This Goddamn Digital Life

Brazilian illustrator Felipe Luchi made this exquisite illustration for Go Outside Magazine. It's the perfect definition of this digital life. » 2/05/13 11:00am 2/05/13 11:00am

If You Don't Think 4K TV Is Freaking Awesome, There's Something Wrong…

CES is mostly useless, sure, and most of the trillion dinky things trotted out like chrome and plastic show chihuahuas will wind up in landfills. But CES is worth it just to give 4K, Ultra HD TV its big debut. And if you're not amazed by it, I'm afraid you're an idiot. » 1/15/13 11:00am 1/15/13 11:00am

Why You Shouldn't Be Too Quick to Cheer Self-Driving Cars

One of the clear automotive technology trends at CES this year is cars that drive themselves. From Audi to Lexus to Ford, the world's largest car companies are beginning to follow Google's lead in an effort to produce cars smart enough to drive themselves. The thought is that autonomous cars will reduce the number of… » 1/10/13 5:00pm 1/10/13 5:00pm

No, Samsung, We Don't Need a Goddamn Fridge With a Screen, Baby Monitor…

Samsung has presented a new awesome fridge, with a Ultra HD 4K LCD screen, a built-in Evernote app, and a baby monitor. All of those features are stupid, but only one of them isn't real. » 1/07/13 6:25pm 1/07/13 6:25pm

It's Time For the US to Go Metric

The US has a love affair with imperial units: height in inches, milk in quarts, weight in pounds. You name it, and it's measured in imperial. The only problem? Imperial is dumb. So let's cast of those shackles and join the rest of the world by embracing units that make sense. Let's go metric, once and for all. » 1/02/13 9:18am 1/02/13 9:18am

Windows 8 Hybrids: $750 Netbooks That Just Aren't Worth It

Windows 8 hardware sales are off to a slow start as shoppers scratch their heads over Microsoft's new operating system and flock to low-cost tablets instead. Could a souped-up netbook save the day? The latest hybrids powered by Intel Atom processors promise the best of both worlds: the versatility of a laptop combined… » 12/31/12 11:00am 12/31/12 11:00am

I'm a Tech Writer Thanks to This Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip

I wasn't supposed to be here today. Growing up, I was obsessed with dinosaurs and dreamed of becoming a paleontologist—the thought of sifting through heaps of stone and soil was far more enticing than fighting fires or learning Ninjutsu, my two fallback careers. But then Calvin's dad went and blew my mind. » 12/26/12 3:20pm 12/26/12 3:20pm

Reminder: Companies Aren't Your Friends

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. All of them wonderful ways to bring together people you know, care about, or just want to stalk. But it's easy to confuse connecting friends with friendship. Don't. All social media companies want is to make money off of you. They'll never stop trying to. And that's okay. » 12/24/12 3:25pm 12/24/12 3:25pm

Walmart Is Running Out of Guns So Better Go There and Stockpile

President Obama announced a plan to limit the sale of combat weapons and, hours later, those kinds of guns are out of stock in Wal-Mart "in five states, including Pennsylvania, Kansas and Alabama," says Bloomberg. God bless America. » 12/20/12 10:50am 12/20/12 10:50am

There Are Some Technologies We Should Not Have, and Guns Are One of Them

More than a dozen children were just murdered in Connecticut. It's time to take steps toward preventing this sort of tragedy. The Second Amendment was written when all Americans could remember being occupied by a foreign power. That was 220 years ago; the British are not coming. Red Dawn is not real. Give up your… » 12/14/12 1:45pm 12/14/12 1:45pm

Today's Awful Apple Rumor: Retina iPad Mini

There's something in the air this week. Maybe it's that the holidays are coming, or that it's getting colder, or that there's not much actual news to be had three weeks before the Consumer Electronics Show. But for some reason, the dumb Apple rumors are piling up like so many discarded MobileMe accounts. » 12/14/12 10:37am 12/14/12 10:37am

The Dumbest Apple Rumor of the Year

There are all kinds of Apple rumors out there; big ones, small ones, smart ones, dumb ones. God knows we run enough of them ourselves. But there's a genus of the species that we never post, ever, because it's so obviously and insidiously dumb and wrong and bad. And here is, without exaggeration, the very absolute… » 12/11/12 5:02pm 12/11/12 5:02pm