No Facebook, I Do Not Want to Add That Open Graph Social App to My Page

The number one most annoying thing about Facebook right now is that half the time you click to look at a friend's shared link, a prompt pops up asking you to add the associated social app. So to read a Washington Post story or listen to a song on Soundcloud directly from Facebook, you have to also be willing to share… »6/28/12 8:00pm6/28/12 8:00pm


Facebook Finally Fights Back Against Auto-Sharing Spam With New Rules

Apps that auto-share your activity on Facebook can be a pain in the ass, and Facebook is taking steps to block the worst offenders. New rules require that apps that auto-share information about articles you read or videos you watch can only do so if you engage with the content for at least 10 seconds. Facebook has… »6/01/12 10:30am6/01/12 10:30am