iPad 2 Graphics Benchmarks: Way Better Than the Xoom, Kills the Original iPad

Anandtech put the iPad 2 under a GLBenchmark 2.0 test, a great benchmark for seeing the power of the GPU (where Apple is claiming 9x the performance of the original iPad), and came away with some staggering results. The iPad 2, or I guess more specifically, the A5 chip is going to be an absolute beast for 3D gaming.… »3/12/11 5:00pm3/12/11 5:00pm

Is this the Futuremark 3D OpenGL-Powered Car Dashboard of the Future?

We've seen all-digital concept dashboards before, but none seem as impressive 3D (or close to reality) as Futuremark's. It scraps everything behind and to the right of the wheel in favor of a smooth, uninterrupted display onto which an OpenGL powered 3D engine renders everything you might need-instrumentation,… »8/27/08 7:10pm8/27/08 7:10pm