I'm the Guy Who Made Snack Bags So Impossible to Open

I'm that guy. The guy that everyone hates. The guy who made it so difficult to open your bag of potato chips. And this is the story of how, when, and why I did it. » 5/02/12 3:40pm 5/02/12 3:40pm

Republished from with kind permission from John Spevacek

Apple Fifth Avenue Store Opening

See if you can spot a few celebrities in this too-long clip of Apple's Fifth Avenue store opening last week. From the looks of this video by Richard Blakeley, the best part of the store is the exterior, and once you walk down its crystal staircase after waiting in line for hours, it's, well, just another store. That… » 5/22/06 9:22am 5/22/06 9:22am