Famous TV Show Opening Credits Recreated As Shows About Technology

You can instantly recognize the opening credits of famous TV shows anywhere. Even if you replaced the characters and show title with technology like ElectRoulette did. That means the periodic table in Breaking Bad becomes acronyms in Texting Bad, The Simpsons turn into The Smartphones, How I Met Your Mother becomes… »8/19/13 9:07pm8/19/13 9:07pm

Awesome Wife Recreates TV Show Opening Credits for Her Husband's Birthday Gift

Animator Leigh Lahav gave her husband Oren a wonderful birthday present that should warm your hearts: she recreated the opening credits of famous TV shows but remixed them to include all of his family and friends as cast members. If you watched a television in the past five years, you'll definitely enjoy this. »4/19/13 9:00pm4/19/13 9:00pm