Watch How Open-Source OpenStreetMap Mapped the Globe In Just 7 Years

A decade ago, OpenStreetMap launched as a free, open-source alternative to the other mapping tools you may encounter on the internet. Turns out that the collaborative experiment worked exceptionally well, and thanks to a new site, you can see for yourself how the Wikipedia of mapping has covered the whole planet. »8/11/14 3:30pm8/11/14 3:30pm

First Turn-By-Turn Navigation App Comes to Android, Hates America

AndNav2 is Android's first
turn-by-turn navigation app, marking one of the first instances where Android's wide-open apps policy has put it at an advantage over the iPhone. At least, in Europe. UPDATED 10:38 EST

Since the software is based on the OpenStreetMap mapping data, the app will be more useful in some areas… »12/19/08 9:00am12/19/08 9:00am