The (floating) sun also rises in Sydney Harbor—in this case, for Opera Australia's outdoor productio

The (floating) sun also rises in Sydney Harbor—in this case, for Opera Australia's outdoor production of Madama Butterfly. Each night, the sailcloth orb is inflated by two fans and illuminated by 12 LED lights. "Orb master" Andrew Tindal-Davies sits inside, making sure the sun rises without a hitch. [James Morgan for … »3/17/14 11:39am3/17/14 11:39am

A Secret Opera Erupts Inside California's Biggest Train Depot

Headphones are part of daily life at train stations, an urban necessity used by commuters to drown out the flurry of action around them. But the other night at Union Station in Los Angeles, as I watched a woman crawl across the top of an information booth while a man's voice from another room whispered in my ear, the… »10/21/13 3:20pm10/21/13 3:20pm

Opera Coast: a Stripped-Down Browser Built Just for iPad

Web browsing on the iPad—or any tablet for that matter—is far too frustrating of an experience for what's really one of the device's most basic uses. Safari for iOS was designed with an iPhone in mind, so anything larger becomes an awkward mix of sweeping gestures and pointed tapping. Opera's newly launched iPad-only… »9/09/13 9:45am9/09/13 9:45am

Amazon's Silk Browser Can Be Hacked to Provide Free Grid Computing

Cloud computing is big business. Companies and individual users rent bandwidth from large cloud services to perform all manner of tasks, from hosting small websites to churning through large, computing-intensive tasks like modelling new drug compounds. But what if you could gain access to all that computing power for… »12/07/12 6:41am12/07/12 6:41am

Opera Now Available in Mac App Store, and Hilariously Responds to Being 17+

Oops, someone at Apple must've been a bit too quick to check the "17 and above" box when adding the Opera browser to the Mac App Store. Luckily Opera took it with good humor, saying "seventeen is very young, and I am not sure if, at that age, people are ready to use such an application. It's very fast, you know, and… »3/03/11 7:35am3/03/11 7:35am