Opera Mini 6 Is Available on the iPad

Opera Mini, the fast-ish browser previously available for the iPhone, has finally made its way to the iPad. The speed dial, 'tabbed browsing' and trademark zippiness of Opera Mini is all there. » 5/24/11 9:22am 5/24/11 9:22am

Opera's Mini Browser Coming to iPad

In its latest press release about how well everything's going and how popular it is, Opera has revealed plans for an iPad version of its popular Opera Mini browser. It'll also be showing off updates of the app for "Android, iPhone, J2ME, BlackBerry, Symbian" at Mobile World Congress next week. If you're new to Opera… » 2/11/11 4:20am 2/11/11 4:20am

Be Nice to the Mobile Networks—Use Opera Mini 5.1

The updated 5.1 version of Opera Mini launched on the Android Market overnight, promising to focus on speed and usability—bringing more of a "PC-like" browsing experience to Android. If that's what you really want. » 7/14/10 4:00am 7/14/10 4:00am

iPhone is Most Popular Phone for Opera Mini Downloads in US

In just 16 days, it's soared up the charts with over a million downloads on the first day of availability. Now, the iPhone version is the third most popular for Opera Mini downloads worldwide, and number one in the US. » 4/28/10 5:31am 4/28/10 5:31am

Unbelievable, Download Opera Mini for iPhone Now

Holy crap. Against our wildest expectations, Apple approved the Opera Mini browser for the iPhone, and it'll be in the App Store within 24 hours. Original iPhone users should be reallllllly happy right now. Update: Now live in iTunes! [Opera] » 4/12/10 7:52pm 4/12/10 7:52pm

Opera Mini Submitted to App Store, Complete with Passive Aggressive…

Norwegian browser makers Opera Software have submitted Opera Mini to Apple's App Store. And because Apple hasn't let any third-party browsers on iPhone, Opera is calling them out with a timer to measure how long approval takes. Waiting's fun! [via] » 3/23/10 1:50pm 3/23/10 1:50pm

Opera Mini 5 Browser Beta Out Now For Android

The latest beta version of Opera Mini for Androids is now out as of today, with a new interface and multi-tabs support thrown in. It's not entirely dissimilar to Opera Mobile 10 on Symbian and WinMo, though. » 3/11/10 4:49am 3/11/10 4:49am

Opera Mini On iPhone Is "Fast," Though There's No Pinch To Zoom

Two years after Opera first attempted to get their browser on the iPhone, and it's here. Sort of. Wired UK has seen it, gushed over it, and proclaimed it as being fast, yet missing that all-important pinch-to-zoom. » 2/15/10 12:00pm 2/15/10 12:00pm

Opera Mini for iPhone Coming Soon, In Theory

Opera claimed to have an iPhone app ready back in 2008, held up only by Apple's pain-in-the-ass approval process. Curious, then, that they're just now showing it off at Mobile World Congress, alongside early builds of Opera Mobile for Android. » 2/10/10 8:50am 2/10/10 8:50am

Opera 10 Beta Adds Visual Tabs, Server-Side Compression

The Opera 10 browser beta has opened to the public, cloaked in a slightly new interface and boasting a couple key features over the last version. Live tab previews and new navigation are the most conspicuous changes, though the most important one is under the hood: like Opera Mini and the upcoming version of Opera… » 6/03/09 5:57am 6/03/09 5:57am

Sprint Instinct S30 Now Available, Awkward $130 Price Confirmed

Samsung's updated Instinct S30 is now listed on Sprint's website for 130 whole American dollars. Never mind that the original Instinct—an almost identical product—was available for the same price nearly a year ago. » 4/20/09 5:40am 4/20/09 5:40am

Dealzmodo Hack: Don't Give Up On Your Symbian Phone

Symbian is the planet's most popular smartphone OS—everywhere except the US, that is. It's also arguably the most boring. In this last, most urgent installment of the cellphone revitalization series, we alleviate your Symbian shame. » 4/07/09 4:00pm 4/07/09 4:00pm

Opera Mobile 9.7 to Support Flash, Google Gears, Server-Side Compression

Despite being the obvious choice for WinMo browsing, Opera Mobile 9.5 is far from perfect. That said, the next release, due in a few months, might even put the likes of Mobile Safari to shame. » 3/30/09 9:20am 3/30/09 9:20am

Opera Mini For Android Leaves Beta, Fixes Nagging Bugs

Opera Mini's final release addresses most of the problems we found in our beta test, and is available now in the 'Communications' category of the Android Market. » 1/29/09 4:57am 1/29/09 4:57am

Opera Mini 4.2 Now Available for Sprint Instinct

We played with Opera Mini 4.2 on Android yesterday » 11/25/08 1:45pm 11/25/08 1:45pm, but it's got one other new platform up its sleeve: the Sprint Instinct. Opera is something we've been waiting for ever since the Instinct's browser totally blew on feature phone (though it's with the recent 1.1 update). Opera Mini should add some spring in its…

Hands On: Opera Mini 4.2 Beta For Android

It didn't take long for Android's built-in WebKit browser (that performed well in our recent mobile browser Battlemodo) to see a little competion in the form of Opera Mini 4.2—the ubiquitous and lightweight software that's installable in some form on just about every mobile platform that can run Java apps. A beta… » 11/24/08 5:50pm 11/24/08 5:50pm

Opera Mini 4.2 Boosts YouTube Support, Gets Snazzy New Skins

Opera is releasing a preview of the next update to its mobile web browser, Opera Mini 4.2. The beta release offers improved support for YouTube, the ability to play nice with a wider selection of phones, note sharing between phones and PCs and a selection of new skins for greater customization. Best of all, it's… » 11/11/08 4:00am 11/11/08 4:00am

Opera Mini Browser Now on Helio Ocean, Officially

Sure, with a little third-party app hacking you've been able to get Opera running on some Helio phones for a while. But today Helio and Opera have released Opera Mini in what's the first official deployment of the tiny browser by a US service provider. Apparently Helio listened to their enthusiast community and then… » 3/19/08 9:01am 3/19/08 9:01am