Download Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta 2: First Mobile Browser With Widgets

The latest beta for Opera Mobile 9.5 »10/20/08 11:15am10/20/08 11:15am is out now. It adds a few things to the mix, but they're pretty big. Besides being faster, it now comes with widgets, making it the first mobile browser to offer extensions (though Firefox Mobile will be right behind it)—you can grab the SDK to make your own . The five that come…

Mobile Safari vs. Opera Mobile vs. Skyfire: Who's the Fastest?

Three of the best mobile browsers that act like grown up ones are Mobile Safari, Skyfire and Opera Mobile 9.5. Even though the latter two (both for Windows Mobile) are still betas, Laptop Mag decided to toss them all into a race anyway, seeing which could deliver piping hot content the fastest. They ran Opera and… »7/23/08 9:00pm7/23/08 9:00pm

Opera Mobile 9.5 Reviewed (Verdict: Even Better Than Safari Mobile)

Matthew Miller from ZDNet loaded up Opera Mobile 9.5 on his HTC Advantage, a Windows Mobile device, and thinks it's even better than the iPhone's Safari browser. Why? Because he can select text, copy and paste, save passwords and even email individual images from a page. He says it's the best mobile browser he's… »5/19/08 5:00pm5/19/08 5:00pm