Celebrate the Fourth With a BBQ and an Inaccurate Anatomy Lesson

What would a Fourth of July be without the grillmaster donning some manner of wacky apron while they serve up burgers and hot dogs? That's right, just another summer day. So do things right this year, and treat your guests to a complimentary but dangerously inaccurate anatomy lesson with this official $23 Operation… » 7/04/13 2:30pm 7/04/13 2:30pm

Shocking Sick Puppy is "Operation" for a New Generation

Japanese game manufacturer Mega House has come up with a winner. Biri Biri Kaze Hiki Wanko (which, translated, means Shocking Sick Puppy) is a cross between seminal kids' game Operation, where you had to remove various parts of a patient's anatomy with a pair of wired-up tweezers, without letting on to your parents… » 6/19/08 4:55am 6/19/08 4:55am