People Smash XM Receivers in Response to Opie & Anthony Suspension

People are going bonkers about The Opie & Anthony show being suspended—so bonkers that they are even smashing their XM receivers and canceling their XM service. According to a Digg member XM is now offering three to six months of free service if you call and cancel because of the O&A suspension. Even if you aren't a… » 5/16/07 5:40pm 5/16/07 5:40pm

Vista Install Problems? Shred The Disc

By now, you've heard that moving to Windows Vista isn't as easy as it should be. So how does Anthony of the "Opie & Anthony Show" (aka "Norton and Friends") react after failing to install Microsoft's latest OS? Oh, he installs it, all right... installs it on a paper shredder. Anyone else take any drastic measures after… » 2/05/07 8:13am 2/05/07 8:13am