Social Media Users Unlikely to Disagree With Consensus, Online and Off

In the utopian vision of the internet, social media provides a platform where we can share opinions, debate and argue; a space for free discussion and constructive discourse. Turns out, the opposite is true. » 8/27/14 5:00am 8/27/14 5:00am

When Gadgets Should Be Repaired, Not Replaced

When I was 14, my stereo broke. Opening it up, I found a small piece of metal had been disconnected from the circuit board at the base. I grabbed a lighter, and melted the piece back in place. I plugged the stereo back in, and turned it on. It worked. It was the first time I actually got something I tried to fix… » 6/24/13 7:22am 6/24/13 7:22am

Is There Something Everyone Loves That You Secretly Hate?

The masses of the tech world will, more often than not, refuse to agree on anything. But there are still those few bits of magic that mysteriously and periodically bring joy to almost every single disgruntled cynic out there. Everyone, that is, except you. » 2/25/13 6:20pm 2/25/13 6:20pm

Your Opinion: How Do You Like Our Boldface Opinions?

We've been trying a new idea for the past few days where we put our opinions in boldface type. We're trying to make it easier to skim our posts, giving you the ability to find our opinions at a glance. We'll always strongly express our opinions, but we've had mixed reactions to the boldface treatment, so our fearless… » 10/23/06 10:59am 10/23/06 10:59am

We Heart Apple, Bose, and Dell

Forrester Research has discovered that the top three "trustworthy" electronics manufacturers were Apple, Bose, and Dell. Microsoft scored lowest in both perceived growth and trustiness while Sony is floating somewhere in the middle. » 3/31/06 3:13pm 3/31/06 3:13pm