Rich People Are Trucking Their Own Water Into Drought-Ridden California

Although 81 percent of the state is experiencing an "extreme drought," for many parts of California there is no apparent water shortage. Visit the highest-income neighborhoods and you'll see lush lawns and sparkling fountains defiantly sucking our lifeblood from the Earth. Apparently, the rich will do whatever it… » 8/26/14 6:41pm Tuesday 6:41pm

A Lot of People Thought Oprah Was Whitney Houston on Facebook

Whitney Houston, the diva of divas, passed away yesterday at the too young age of 48. It's a depressing end to her story of galaxy bending talent, sun magnifying limelight and cursed frailty. Anyone who has ever heard Whitney in her prime will always remember the singular power of her voice. I mean, we all have our… » 2/12/12 11:00am 2/12/12 11:00am

Oprah Gives Flip Ultra Cams to Everybody in Audience, Joins Those…

Oprah, that generous talk show host who no longer needs a last name, stooped down to YouTube to join up with the great unwashed yesterday, and to commemorate the occasion she gave away a $150 Flip Ultra camcorder to everybody in her talk show audience. Check out her condescending peptalk to YouTubers in the video… » 11/07/07 7:55am 11/07/07 7:55am

Bono and Oprah to Launch Red iPod Nano Tomorrow

The two giant stars plan to unveil a 4GB red iPod Nano in order to benefit the Product RED charity. From each sale of the $199 iPod, $10 will be donated towards The Global Fund to help out HIV/AIDS sufferers in Africa. Rumors of a red iPod have been around since January of this year, but we're certain that Oprah used… » 10/12/06 7:15pm 10/12/06 7:15pm