AMD's Quad-Core "Shanghai" Server Opterons Go 45nm, Desktop Version In '09

AMD' »11/13/08 5:05am11/13/08 5:05ams just revealed its quad-core Opteron chips manufactured with its new 45nm process. Based on the "" chipset, the new "Shanghai" chips have a few extra tweaks: the L3 cache has risen from 2 to 6MB, giving it about 35% boosted power performance over the previous generation. The new chips also have better power…

Fastest AMD Opteron vs. Intel Core 2 Extreme: (Verdict: Close, But Too Close)

AMD Opteron 2220SE 2.8GHz processors make their debut on the just-released HP xw9400 Workstation today, and they were tested on content creation benchmarks against the Intel Core 2 Extreme processor. The result? Even with two of the latest Opterons chugging away, the xw9400 barely beat the 2.93 single-processor Core 2… »9/06/06 2:43pm9/06/06 2:43pm