Meet AMD's New History-Making, 16-Core Beast

Your quad-core computer doesn't seem so great anymore now, does it, champ? AMD's Opteron 6200 boasts 16 cores running at up to 2.6 GHz each. That is a lot of number crunching—and the first x86 with 16 cores. » 11/14/11 10:24am 11/14/11 10:24am

AMD's Quad-Core "Shanghai" Server Opterons Go 45nm, Desktop Version In…

AMD' » 11/13/08 5:05am 11/13/08 5:05ams just revealed its quad-core Opteron chips manufactured with its new 45nm process. Based on the "" chipset, the new "Shanghai" chips have a few extra tweaks: the L3 cache has risen from 2 to 6MB, giving it about 35% boosted power performance over the previous generation. The new chips also have better power…

AMD Launches Quad-Core Opteron, a.k.a. Barcelona

AMD is finally launching its Barcelona quad-core server chip today, although it's officially being called the Quad-Core Opteron. Intel may have been beating AMD to higher clock speeds recently, but the Barcelona offers some performance and power-saving advantages that should level the playing field again. » 9/10/07 4:01am 9/10/07 4:01am

Fastest AMD Opteron vs. Intel Core 2 Extreme: (Verdict: Close, But Too…

AMD Opteron 2220SE 2.8GHz processors make their debut on the just-released HP xw9400 Workstation today, and they were tested on content creation benchmarks against the Intel Core 2 Extreme processor. The result? Even with two of the latest Opterons chugging away, the xw9400 barely beat the 2.93 single-processor Core 2… » 9/06/06 2:43pm 9/06/06 2:43pm

AMD Releases Socket F Processors, Challenges Intel Xeon

AMD is releasing 23 new dual core processors today, including its answer to Intel's Xeon "Woodcrest" processors, the "Socket F" Opteron CPU. AMD says that processor, the 2.8GHz 8220SE, can beat the fastest Intel Xeons by 11%. AMD goes on to say the 8220SE chip is 47% faster than Intel's Xeon 7041 in a four-processor… » 8/15/06 9:30am 8/15/06 9:30am

Cray to Create PetaFlop Computer with 24,000 Opterons

Cray, that maker of supercomputers from days of yore, has decided to jump into the biggest superschlong computer contest, creating a machine it has given the prosaic name of "Baker." The company expects it to be the first computer to break the petaflop barrier. That is, unless IBM beats Cray to the punch with its… » 3/30/06 9:34am 3/30/06 9:34am

Alienwares Other-Worldly Workstations

Alienware keeps on cranking out the workstations, with these two new models aimed at creative professionals, hard-core power users and film editors. The 7500i packs a single Intel dual core Pentium inside, while the MJ-12 7500a features dual-core Opteron processors. The real fun starts when you take a look at the new… » 1/26/06 6:55am 1/26/06 6:55am