A 512Gbps Fiber Optic Network? Yes Please

Fiber optics are the future of data transfer. But in Germany, the future's already here: Deutsche Telekom has a working 512Gbps optical fiber that's working in the real world. I want it. » 3/06/12 5:25am 3/06/12 5:25am

Blur Out Blemishes With These Lensbaby Portrait Kits

Lensbaby's Portrait Kits are filled with camera accessories that can make any blemished-faced teen beautiful. They're perfect for portrait photographers tasked with the difficult job of photographing people's not-so-perfect faces. » 7/21/11 10:27pm 7/21/11 10:27pm

A Knife Made From Fiber Optic Glass

This beautiful handmade knife is shaped entirely from fiber optic glass. You know, the stuff that gives us super fast internet. A knifemaker used a process called knapping, a throwback method of shaping stones into useful tools, to form it. » 7/17/10 11:30am 7/17/10 11:30am