This Nearly Indestructible Data Storage Disc Will Last a Billion Years

Long term data storage is tricky. Hard discs and magnetic tapes lose their charge, CDs and DVDs are easy to scratch, and forget about punch cards. Now a student at the University of Twente has developed an optical storage system he says will survive for up to a billion years — even if you barbecue it. »10/17/13 12:00pm10/17/13 12:00pm

Indian Spice Phone Has Optical Disk Drive For 2.5 Hour Movies

It's really unlikely that this Movie Phone from the Indian cellphone maker Spice would make it anywhere besides India, but it's an amazing phone because of what it's got on the back: an optical drive. This h.264 optical drive loads into the back of the phone much like UMDs into a PSP, and can fit a 2.5 hour film into… »2/11/08 7:00pm2/11/08 7:00pm