DVDs That Last for 1000 Years Might Be Overkill

Problem: Optical media like DVDs eventually die. Solution, according to Barry Lunt: Actually carve data into a disc composed of magic hard "persistent" materials with a laser. » 7/17/09 10:25am 7/17/09 10:25am

CDs Team With Insect World to Battle MP3 Threat

We hoped it wouldn't come to this. In a moment of passion, a series of AutoCAD templates has converted various optical media into a (deadly?) swarm of flies. May God have mercy on us all. [CNC Forum via MAKE] » 7/07/09 11:10am 7/07/09 11:10am

OWC Mercury Pro Blu-ray Drive Loves Everyone, Everything

The OWC Mercury Pro Blu-ray "Quad Interface" drives are Blu-ray burners that happen to be compatible with every interface both under and over the sun. The 4X Panasonic-based BD-R drives work on PCs or Macs, and champion the title as the world's first Blu-ray burners to connect to Firewire 400, Firewire 800, eSATA and » 10/22/08 12:09pm 10/22/08 12:09pm

Apple Files Patent For Worst Idea Ever

Back in May of 2006, Apple filed a patent for the "compactable memory disc adapter," an adapter than can retrofit 8cm optical media to play in 12cm drives. The adapter can be folded during shipping, allowing less packaging to be used in shipping Apple software. And those 8cm discs? They would play great in Samsung's… » 11/30/07 9:44am 11/30/07 9:44am