The Most Important Phones Of 2012

The smartphone market of 2012 has seen some heated competition. The usual contenders all released solid hardware. But the dynamic between them changed, too—Windows Phone arrived as a serious third OS option, and 2012 ended with exciting new models of iPhone and Android devices. Here's a look at the best new products… » 12/10/12 5:02pm 12/10/12 5:02pm

LG Optimus G Review: A Speedster That Gets in Its Own Way

Say this for the Optimus G: it doesn't skimp. LG went for broke to shake off its mid-range reputation, cramming its latest flagship Android phone full of goodies. But specs don't always equal performance. » 10/20/12 10:00am 10/20/12 10:00am

LG Optimus G Hands-On: Like Megan Fox Wrapped In Burlap

LG wanted to build a super-phone. Good idea. So LG crammed it with the nastiest specs we've seen on a mobile device. We were excited. We got to play with it today... and they covered that beauty in one of the ugliest skins we've seen. C'mon, guys! » 10/04/12 7:35pm 10/04/12 7:35pm