Optimus Keyboard Goes Sub-$500 and Sub-$1000, But Gimped at Launch

The Optimus keyboard team brings good news and bad news today, with word that they're going to have sub-$500 and sub-$1000 models (not just one $1564 keyboard), but the software will not be ready for launch. That's not to say that you'll buy a $500 keyboard that you can't use; it's just "functionally limited," and… »11/05/07 4:50pm11/05/07 4:50pm

Art.Lebedev Optimus Keyboard to Ship 'After Spring 2007'

We're keeping an eye on the Art.Lebedev Studio here, and the Russian designers/teasers are typing up a new blog that's a bit frustrating, doling out confusing bits of disinformation and making up mysterious new words. Case in point: what is an "Upravlator?" Maybe a larger mini three? However, there's one tiny little… »10/17/06 9:42am10/17/06 9:42am