LG G-Slate Hands-On: All the Features But Still Empty-Feeling

On paper, LG's G-Slate (or Optimus Pad, in Europe), should convince me to finally buy a tablet. It's running Android Honeycomb—check! Dual-core Tegra 2 chipset—check! 3D camera for video and photo trickery—check! So why did my experience with it just leave me...kinda chilly? » 2/14/11 9:56am 2/14/11 9:56am

Subtlety, Thy Name Is Not LG's Ad Department

Someone at LG decided it would be a great idea to tie in a video of their LG Optimus Pad tablet with Optimus Prime. Not only that, they have fake Optimus Prime fight fake Megatron, who's not-so-subtly the robot manifestation of Apple's iPad. None of this makes any sense, which is why it is kind of incredible that it… » 2/10/11 2:33pm 2/10/11 2:33pm