Go Pre-order Those Optimus and Megatron Classic Console Transformers

Takara Tomy has found the best way to suck the cash from our wallets save for some kind of reverse-ATM tractor beam. First teased earlier in the year, you can finally pre-order the toymaker's homage to robots and classic gaming consoles with these updated Optimus Prime and Megatron figures that transform into the… » 10/31/14 1:52pm 10/31/14 1:52pm

This video shows every single transformation in the Transformer movies

Man, do you guys remember how fun that Transformers trilogy was? Back when Shia was happy muttering no no no no when things went bad, back when we weren't sure if Megan Fox was part of a new beautiful species, back when Michael Bay didn't implode on a stage, back when it was just giant good transformers pummeling… » 2/03/14 11:09pm 2/03/14 11:09pm

Incredible Optimus Prime Gingerbread Man Transforms Into Deliciousness

If you were thinking about baking and building a gingerbread house this holiday season to impress your friends, don't waste your time. Because Caroline Eriksson has easily claimed the title of 'most awesome gingerbread thing' for 2013 with this unbelievably magnificent gingerbread Optimus Prime. » 12/19/13 3:00pm 12/19/13 3:00pm

Watch an Epic Optimus Painting Come To Life In This Amazing Timelapse

Robert Burden, an artist living in San Francisco, has an affinity for immortalizing his favorite childhood action figures as gigantic oil paintings that makes them seem larger than life. His latest piece, The Autobot, which gives Optimus Prime the glory he so readily deserves, took over 1,000 hours to complete. And… » 5/17/13 12:45pm 5/17/13 12:45pm

New Zealand Transformer Coins Feature Heros We Actually Care About

For some reason the governments of the world think their constituents want to see images of political leaders and royalty. And while famous presidents like Abraham Lincoln certainly deserve recognition, New Zealand has decided to honor a couple of heros that are probably a lot closer to all of our hearts: Optimus… » 2/06/13 2:20pm 2/06/13 2:20pm

Transformers Roleplaying 3D Masks Are Awesomely Dorky

Part of our problem with 3D anything is that the glasses make you look kind of silly. Even in the dark. Which is why I almost love these Transformer 3D glasses—if you're gonna look dorky, own it. » 2/12/11 7:34pm 2/12/11 7:34pm

If Megatron Iced Everything He Touched

Poor Optimus Prime. He was just cleaning up the streets, saving the planet... and then got iced by a Swissman for the Dutch Roermond Ice Festival. Autobots, hairdryers at the ready! [Atti via NerdCore via Neatorama] » 11/30/10 8:00am 11/30/10 8:00am

How To Make An Optimus Prime Costume From Cereal Boxes

Halloween is coming up and you need a costume, but who wants to spend the money? No one! Just follow these instructions from a resourceful Transformers fan and make an Optimus Prime suit out of cereal boxes and cardboard instead. » 10/16/10 4:00pm 10/16/10 4:00pm

Tokyo Is Serious About Manners In These Vintage Subway Posters

In Tokyo, subway etiquette is no joke—you can ask Superman, Optimus Prime, or Astro Boy. Just look at what could happen if you spit out your Kryptonite bubble gum onto the station platform. Tsk tsk. » 8/10/10 10:20pm 8/10/10 10:20pm

Optimus Prime, Balloon Animal

Anyone can build Optimus Prime out of an old semi and a glint of All Spark. But it takes a true craftsman, a visionary, an auteur (and OK, maybe a clown) to build him out of balloons. » 4/20/10 11:40am 4/20/10 11:40am

Optimus Prime Speakers Feature Pretty Half-Assed Transforming

Come on, this isn't much of a transformation. This powered USB gadget is in the shape of Optimus Prime's severed head, and the ears (or whatever) swing out to reveal the speakers within. » 7/01/09 11:00pm 7/01/09 11:00pm

OCZ Sabre Does OLED Custom Keys On the Cheap

With the Sabre, OCZ has made good on a CES promise: to take Art Lebedev's OLED-in-each-key concept and adapt it for the mass market. Along with a lower price, though, this means a less impressive feature set. » 6/23/09 9:00am 6/23/09 9:00am

You Too Can Wear the Head of Optimus Prime (in Augmented Reality, Of…

If you forgot to live out all your Optimus Prime role-playing fantasies when the first Transformers movie came out, fear not. Thanks to the awesome Satan powers of augmented reality, you can wear the face of Optimus Prime anywhere. » 6/16/09 9:00pm 6/16/09 9:00pm

How Obama Really Became President

How does a one-term US Senator become President of the United States and enter office with crazy approval ratings? Previously unseen footage (click to embiggen) reveals Obama's secret: the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. UPDATE. » 2/27/09 9:50am 2/27/09 9:50am

Optima Prime T-Shirt, Font Transformed

Fact » 11/26/08 5:40pm 11/26/08 5:40pm: Optimus Prime would be a badass no matter what he transformed from or to. It's the soul of a Transformer that makes him great. Optimus Prime could save the world if he assembled from macaroni, puff paints, stringed popcorn or used baby diapers into a giant dinner, tacky sweater, festive Christmas tree thing or…

Your Very Own Optimus Prime Can Dance to JT Too

I’ve seen quite a few R/C cars in my day, but I’ve never seen one that actually transforms » 10/28/08 7:45pm 10/28/08 7:45pm the way Optimus Prime can. The RCRC (or Remote Controlled Robotic Car) offers four modes for your entertainment: robot, truck, sports car, and robot-tank. And I definitely hope I don't meet whoever was controlling that RCRC…

When Political Cross-Branding Goes Horribly Wrong

There's a good reason why Washington has generally veered away from 80s robot cartoons. And now we know that reason. [ brewcityonline » 9/05/08 11:45am 9/05/08 11:45am]

Optimus Prime T-Shirt Transforms into Arrest Threat at Airport

We love Transformers here at Giz, but it looks like the UK's already slightly-crazed authorities don't. A guy called Brad Jayakody was recently barred from boarding a flight at Heathrow Airport's new Terminal 5 because his T-shirt had a picture of Optimus Prime brandishing a gun. » 6/02/08 10:40am 6/02/08 10:40am