18x Optical Zoom in an Itty Bitty Point and Shoot

Point and shoots are generally seen as the wimpy hacks of the camera world, when compared to modern DSLRs and fancy new micro four thirds cameras. But their specs—like the 18x optical zoom on the Pentax Optio RZ18—are getting pretty impressive. It's like when Carrot Top grew mega-muscles and could all-of-a-sudden kick… »9/13/11 10:32am9/13/11 10:32am

Pentax Optio W60 Extreme Weather Cam Good for Dips, Not Dives

The Optio W60 is the most waterproof Pentax cam yet. A step up from the W30, it's a 10MP point-and-shoot that will survive at depths up to 13 feet for two hours, good enough for the pool, beach and most non-competitive snorkeling. It also handles freezing temps (14°F) and is certified dustproof against dirt, sand and… »5/22/08 6:00pm5/22/08 6:00pm

Optio V20 from Pentax has 5x Zoom, Smile Recognition and Blink Detection

Six months after Pentax released the Optio V10, the japanese company has upped the stakes with the V20. The slimline point-and-shoot has upped the zoom from 3x to 5x, as well as increasing Digital SR mode to ISO 3200 and ISO 6400. With a nice, big 3-inch LCD screen on the back, smile recognition and blink detection,… »5/19/08 3:00am5/19/08 3:00am

Pentax Optio M50 Comes in Pink, Silver and Blue But Mostly Vanilla

Here's what $230 will buy you in the point-n-shoot world right now, as embodied by the pleasantly mainstream Pentax Optio M50: a sleek little body (under 4" wide and just over 2" high), a 5X optical zoom lens, an 8-megapixel sensor, and a choice of pink, blue or silver. Little perks like "Smile Capture" make this fun… »1/23/08 5:00pm1/23/08 5:00pm

Pentax Optio A30 Boots Up, Shoots and Focuses Quicker

Pentax goosed its Optio A series with the A30, a 10-megapixel point-and-shoot camera with a 3x optical lens and a 2.5-inch LCD. Besides a newfangled gyro system to reduce shakiness, the big update on this one is speed, where it's ready to use in 1.8 seconds and has a quick .02-second shutter delay. If you take lots of… »2/21/07 11:11pm2/21/07 11:11pm