Japanese Apple Stores to Sell Optoma Picoprojector in December For $500

Way back in June » 11/11/08 5:54am 11/11/08 5:54am Optoma promised to release its picoprojector this year, and now there's news that indeed it will. Still reportedly the world's smallest and lightest, it'll go on sale December 1st in Japan at the Apple store, of all places. In case you've forgotten the DLP device is just 0.67 x 2 x 4.1-inches and can…

Optoma To Launch "World's First" Pico Projector in 2008

Optoma is winning the race to build the world's first pico-projector, the near-mythical mini projector that can throw up a display much larger than the source device's—think iPods, digital cameras and smartphones—screen. Optoma's pico will use the DLP chipset, support composite video quality and run on Li-ion… » 6/18/08 9:08am 6/18/08 9:08am

Optoma's Cheap 1080p HD803 Projector and its 720p Friends, the HD65 and…

Optoma's got a new 1080p projector coming out in December, dubbed the HD803. It's new but it sits right below Optoma's HD80, one of the first to break the $3000/1080p barrier, in price and performance. The crib sheet on the HD803 reads as follows: 8000:1 contrast ratio, 1200 lumens of output, and a DLP DMD chipset… » 11/29/07 9:17pm 11/29/07 9:17pm

CEDIA 2006: Optoma HD81 1080p DLP Projector, Stoked with HDMI

CEDIA 2006 is bringing the 1080p out of the woodwork, and now Home Theater Company tosses its hat into the ring with its Optoma HD81 Full HD DLP projector. So what if I mixed my metaphors—it's spitting 1300 lumens, and look at all those inputs in the back, too, such as RGB and even pro-level BNC. And what's that, six » 9/15/06 1:30pm 9/15/06 1:30pm