OQO and Garmin Join Forces to Offer Model 02 GPS Unit

OQO fiends, you love your Model 02, right? Well the package just got sweeter as Garmin and OQO have collaborated on a GPS setup made especially for the OQO Model 02. It includes a USB GPS module, car mount, charger and interface software. But it costs $237 and requires you already own a Model 02. Still, it looks… » 5/20/08 6:36pm 5/20/08 6:36pm

OQO to Launch "Something New" on December 3

We just got a mysterious invite to a party in swinging London: an "exclusive pre-launch unveiling" of a "significant Anytime/Anywhere Computing" product. God only knows what it could be. The pic above, which came in the e-mail, depicts the popular OQO model 02 UMPC—called E2 in Europe because of the O2 cellular… » 11/23/07 10:14am 11/23/07 10:14am

How to Replace Your OQO Model 02's EVDO with HSDPA

There's no doubt this hack will terminate your warranty, but if you wanna replace your OQO Model 02's built-in EVDO card with an existing HSDPA card, read on. It'll take some disassembling and a little soldering, but it's possible. All you have to do is pop out the Novatel EV620 EVDI mini PCIe card and slide in your… » 5/07/07 9:40am 5/07/07 9:40am

Frankenreview: The Best Of "Best Of CES 2007" Lists

CES is so hung over, and all that's left for journalists to do during this tech lull is to sit around and write up their "best of" lists for CES. But since our Frankenreview is about collecting product reviews and sifting through the opinions for consensus, what better to review than the best of what was reviewed at… » 1/24/07 2:30pm 1/24/07 2:30pm

First Impression of Inowell's UREN V1 UMPC

We were pretty impressed the first time we saw Innowell's in-car UMPC (unfortunately named the UREN), but after getting a bit of hands-on time with it last week, the infatuation is slowly waning. First of all, it's nowhere near as sexy as OQO's Model 02, despite it having a larger 7-inch touch screen. Also, the UREN… » 1/15/07 11:53am 1/15/07 11:53am

Oqo Model 02: Giving Other UMPCs a Run for Their Money

The Skinny It's being touted as the world's smallest Vista-capable PC and from what we saw at ShowStoppers this evening, we have to agree. This sexy little siren weighs exactly one pound yet manages to squeeze in an impressive amount of processing power. Plus, it's got built-in mobile broadband. There's even a dock… » 1/08/07 10:38pm 1/08/07 10:38pm