Gorenje Kitchen Is Perfect Match for iPhone Iron Chefs

This Gorenje kitchen by French designer Ora-Ïto is one of the five best domestic appliances in the 2008 Wallpaper Design awards. We absolutely dig it, not because it looks like the iPhone of kitchens, but because of its clean black glass and brushed aluminum surfaces combined with the last cookery tech. As Wallpaper… » 1/14/08 5:22am 1/14/08 5:22am

LaCie Lego Bricks

Damn you, LaCie! These Brick Desktop and Mobile hard drives in the shape of Lego blocks are irresistible to the child and tinkerer in me. Designed by Ora- to, who has done crazy beautiful work for LG, Toyota, Swatch, and others, these stackable drives come in red, white or blue. The desktops range from 160-500 GB… » 11/22/05 4:19pm 11/22/05 4:19pm