I Brushed My Teeth With the World's First Bluetooth Toothbrush

Being an adult is boring. It's a long checklist of necessary acts of maintenance that, in the end, fail us. That's why we rely on fun-enhancing phenomena like color runs and adult kickball leagues—and gadgets like Oral-B's new Bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes and app, which are designed to make one of life's most… »8/04/14 10:11am8/04/14 10:11am

Stephen Fry Reviews Oral B Professional Care Triumph, Loves It

Some of us may dabble in being funny to go along with our tech knowledge, but professional comedian Stephen Fry actually knows a thing about both fields. Today he reviews the Oral-B Professional Care Triumph, which has a special tech that allows it to wirelessly show how long you've been brushing each corner of your… »12/27/07 2:40pm12/27/07 2:40pm

Oral-B's Triumph Keeps Your Chompers Clean by Telling You How to Brush

We got the chance to play with Oral-B's new Triumph electric toothbrush this afternoon. The $149 brush comes with a palm-size wireless display (it uses RF technology to communicate) that provides real-time feedback as you're brushing so it lets you know how much time you've spent brushing and also what quadrant of… »6/12/07 5:30pm6/12/07 5:30pm