Can You Really Train Cockroaches Like on Orange is the New Black?

In the season premiere of Orange Is the New Black, our beaten-down protagonist Piper starts off on a very wrong foot with her new bunkmates in prison—she steps on a cockroach. Not any cockroach, but Yoda, specially trained to smuggle cigarettes between cells. How real is this hypothetical cigarette transportation… » 6/13/14 8:00pm 6/13/14 8:00pm

Orange Is the New Black: About So Much More Than Life in Prison

It's funny. Advertising for House of Cards was plastered on every billboard and bus and subway station. Kevin Spacey would stare you down from Abraham Lincoln's seat anywhere you turned. Arrested Development was hyped as only resurrecting the most loved TV show in the past 10 years could be. How many clips and… » 8/28/13 10:00pm 8/28/13 10:00pm