OrbLive 2.0 iPhone App Keeps Your Devices File- and Embarrasment-Free

Today, the media streaming service Orb announced their official iPhone application, OrbLive 2.0, allowing you to stream your media files across multiple devices via 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi. The last incarnation of OrbLive was launched before the App Store was introduced; thus requiring a jailbroken iPhone »11/21/08 1:15am11/21/08 1:15am. The official…

Orb to Allow You to Stream Your Home Music Collection to any iPhone/iPod Touch

Orb is releasing a new piece of software called Winamp Remote that will allow you to listen to your home music collection from anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal, and it won't even require you to hack your iPhone. It works completely through the web browser, letting you get to your home collection and stream it quickly and… »12/12/07 12:15pm12/12/07 12:15pm

Hands-On Impressions: Streaming YouTube and Google Video to the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3

If you're not familiar with Orb, it's both a streaming and a broadcasting solution to get audio and video onto your TV. They've just introduced a new version of Orb MyCasting that works with the Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3 game consoles. This means you can now play back pictures, music, and movies sitting on your computer… »3/22/07 8:45pm3/22/07 8:45pm

Magic Orb: Spinning LEDs Are More Than Just Blinkinlights

From the same NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program that brought you the alluring solar bikini, James N Sears brings you his Orb, a tricky experimental device that consists of rapidly rotating LEDs and some clever programming. Your persistence of vision ties it all together, making it look like a solid object. »12/21/06 11:08am12/21/06 11:08am