Orbitsound's Spatial Stereo Tech-Creating T14 Soundbar and Dock Hits US…

Previously unattainable by those outside its home-country, British audio company Orbitsound has a follow-up product to last year's T12 soundbar, the T14. Created by eccentric British musician Ted Fletcher (who's worked with Elton John and The Who), it'll cost $600. » 1/05/11 7:20am 1/05/11 7:20am

Orbitsound's T12 Soundbar Designed By Ex-Musician

Helmed by English musician Ted Fletcher (who's worked with Jethro Tull, The Who, and other bands), Orbitsound's new T12 soundbar has a new way of creating pseudo surround sound—spatial stereo technology, they call it. » 6/03/10 8:20am 6/03/10 8:20am

Orbitsound T3 Portable Speaker "Plays Music in the Air Around Your Head"

The Gadget:Orbitsound's T3 is meant to act as a portable speaker for on the go listening. However, the guys at Orbitsound claim their patented airSOUND technology means you will only hear the music in one distinct area, thus causing minimal disturbance to others. It works by using specialised amplifiers to convert… » 1/10/08 6:30am 1/10/08 6:30am