What happens when an orchestra eats the world's hottest chili pepper?

Pain. Tears. Hurt. Agony. Numbness. Burning hell. When an entire orchestra decides to make the questionable life decision to all eat the world's hottest chili peppers at the same time and then perform a song, all of that and more happens to them. For us watching though? It's just funny as hell. » 11/05/14 11:02pm 11/05/14 11:02pm

Licking Ice Cream To Make It Sing With NYC's Weirdest Orchestra

Last week, at a former bodega in Alphabet City, food designer Emilie Baltz and smart object designer Carla Diana conducted the second performance of their "Lickestra"—a "musical licking performance" involving conductive ice cream cones, four volunteers, and a pre-recorded soundtrack of peculiar tones and baselines… » 2/20/14 5:41pm 2/20/14 5:41pm

Sympho Canvas Orchestra Replaces Musicians With Speakers

Whoever said recorded music doesn't have the same intensity as a live performance should meet Lead Sound, the Japanese company behind the Sympho Canvas virtual orchestra. Forty-six speakers are arrayed in a concert hall similar to the placement of instruments » 10/19/08 7:30pm 10/19/08 7:30pm in a real orchestra and each speaker "plays" a discrete…

Absolut Quartet Makes an Orchestra Out of Ping-Pong Ball Cannons,…

The Absolut Quartet is an impressive electromechanical sculpture, which was put together by Dan Paluska and Jeff Lieberman. Using ping-pong ball cannons to play a marimba, robot fingers to tinker wine glasses and a central computer to control, well, the whole lot, the two creative minds have created the first—to our… » 2/23/08 9:45pm 2/23/08 9:45pm