Microsoft Surface Debuts For Drunken Vacationers At the Rio in Vegas

Microsoft's following up its initial retail rollout of their Surface Table at AT&T with a slightly sleazier version in Vegas. The Rio is going to get six Surface tables, which allows patrons to order drinks and play mini-games with their buddies. The most interesting is a "Flirt" application, which lets you try your… »6/12/08 1:10pm6/12/08 1:10pm

iPhone Starbucks Ordering Screens Look Like the Real Thing, Precede Apple Patent

Click to viewIf you wanted to know how Apple's iPhone ordering and paying patent could work in Starbucks, check these amazing screens created by designer Phil Lu. They not only look like the real thing, but the most impressive thing is that they were actually made before the Apple patent was publicized:

»1/11/08 10:00am1/11/08 10:00am