Whoa, This (Working) Trackpad Is made from a Block of Wood

The French designers over at Orée first had us oohing and aahing over their beautiful maple and walnut keyboards; one of the rare times when wood and technology blended perfectly. And now they've gone and stolen our hearts again with a warm alternative to Apple and Logitech's sterile touchpads that it's calling the … »9/12/13 12:40pm9/12/13 12:40pm


Beautiful Maple or Walnut Bluetooth Keyboards: The Wood Makes It Good

If gleaming white plastic and brushed aluminum don't suit your fancy when it comes to keyboards, a French design shop called Orée will hand craft you a beautiful alternative made from your choice of either maple or walnut wood. But if you thought keeping your current keyboard clean was a pain, imagine having to sand… »9/14/12 11:40am9/14/12 11:40am