A Sports Cam With Eyes On the Back of Its Head Captures Twice the Action

Now here's a unique take on the seemingly unending supply of action sports cams hitting the market. Oregon Scientific's ATC Chameleon packs a pair of adjustable lenses on the front and back of the camera with 110-degree fields of view. So athletes can share what's happening behind the camera, as well as what's in… »11/14/12 3:20pm11/14/12 3:20pm


Oregon Scientific Delivers Watch for Serious Weather Addicts

When it comes to forecasting the weather, I often think that sticking a moistened finger into the air is about as accurate as all of that fancy doppler radar. However, there is no shortage of weather addicts out there that religiously check the news and treat weathermen like they were friggin' prophets. It appears… »4/25/08 5:49pm4/25/08 5:49pm

Oregon Scientific Weather In Motion Clock Keeps an Eye on You and the Weather

Here's Oregon Scientific's next trick with atomic alarm clocks that tell you the old in/out temperature and forecast, and this one has a motion sensor that reacts to your presence. When you're viewing the Oregon Scientific Weather In Motion from a distance, it tells you the day of the week and the time in big… »10/09/07 11:12am10/09/07 11:12am

Oregon Scientific Weather Hub Predicts the Weathery Future

This little device from the weather junkies at Oregon Scientific is like bringing a desktop widget to real life. It has two circular displays that will display the current temperature and the upcoming temperature. It does the magic future-predicting with an internal barometer. I wish it included Wi-Fi or something to… »4/11/07 9:20pm4/11/07 9:20pm

Oregon Scientific WMS802 WeatherNow II: Improved Weather Station

Want to know the weather forecast right now? Oregon Scientific's WMS802 WeatherNow II uses free data broadcast from MSN Direct to show you the temperature, wind speed, the high and low for the day and a three-day forecast. The WeatherNow version II improves on the design of its predecessor, which had a scrolling text… »1/10/07 7:45pm1/10/07 7:45pm

Talking Thermometer Won't Guilt You For Eating Wilbur

If your meat could talk, it would probably scream in a high pitched voice about the cruelty of slaughterhouses, the pain of being cooked on the grill, and the indignity of being eaten by a chubby guy in an A1-stained "Vote for Pedro" t-shirt. Which is why there's no technology out there to give a voice to the silent… »11/28/06 3:57pm11/28/06 3:57pm

Faces of Extreme Death: Oregon Scientific's Sweet ATC2K Helmet Cam

Just in time for snowboarding season is Scientific Oregon's Xtreme helmet cam. It's waterproof, uses SD cards, and shoots at 640 by 480 at 30FPS. It's half the size of the original cam, the not so good ATC-1000, notorious for shipping inside of a fully stocked first aid kit. This one also has an LCD showing,… »11/23/06 3:59pm11/23/06 3:59pm

Oregon Scientific Giovannoni Weather Station: Italian Designed Forecaster

Oregon Scientific hired famous (to someone) designer, Stefano Giovannoni, to come up with their latest of their 123423523452345998 weather monitoring clocks. The guy is a sci-fi fanatic, and you can see the influence on the front panel's Star War-ish design. It reads off indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, a… »8/04/06 8:56pm8/04/06 8:56pm