Would You Spend Two Bills to Monitor Your Personal Environment for Boogeymen?

Radiation, Nitrates, and Humidity; oh my! The Lapka Personal Environmental Monitor will be hitting store shelves late this year with a $230 price tag. It will measure the amount of radiation and number of EMF fields penetrating your personal space, while tracking the amount of nitrates (residue from industrial… »8/08/12 5:40pm8/08/12 5:40pm

Organic Chlorophyll Battery Can Charge Up Using Any Liquid

A Taiwanese professor by the name of Chungpin Hovering Liao has created what he believes is the world's first chlorophyll organic battery. Precisely how the battery works is a mystery, but the inventor claims that it can use any liquid ( even urine »11/03/08 1:40pm11/03/08 1:40pm) to generate a charge within 10 seconds. He also claims that the…

Sony's Bendy Organic Screen Means Video Clothes, Animated Cereal Boxes At Last

OLEDs are pretty much awesome, but the coolest application, the bendy one, is still tricky, because flexible plastic is more porous than stiff glass, and OLEDs get really upset when they come in contact with oxygen. Apparently, though, Sony and Germany's Max Planck Institute have cooked up a flexible and transparent… »10/03/08 7:23pm10/03/08 7:23pm

The Natural Radio Takes UIs to Strange and Stupid New Places

Imagine, if you will, stripping a radio of all its buttons and dials and replacing them with a set of scales. Now imagine changing the station or frequency on this radio by placing rocks on specific areas of the scale. The more rocks you place, the higher the volume and so on. Yeah...its never gonna happen. The idea… »3/14/08 4:30pm3/14/08 4:30pm