Lessev Gadget Charging Station Is Simple, Begs for DIY Rip-Off

Universal chargers/cable organizers are not new »9/17/08 7:27am9/17/08 7:27am, , but there are two things about the Lessev that I like. Firstly, it's simple, fairly elegant, and looks like a practical solution: pop your charger connectors through its perforated lid, gadgets on top, and connect up to a power strip inside. Secondly, it's for me to…

Bluelounge Sanctuary Charging Station Has All The Wires You Need

We've seen neat and tidy ways to stick all your charging gadgets in one place before, but the new Sanctuary charger takes the biscuit by having all the wires and plugs you may need already built in. Ok, so it's actually got a power source with 11 different types of plug plus a USB socket under its lid, but that means… »4/02/08 5:06am4/02/08 5:06am

SpaceStation Organizer Looks Futuristically Minimal

We've seen our fair share of organizers over the years—especially since we live next door to those good-naturedly anal folks at Lifehacker—but this SpaceStation seems like it's the most minimal that we've seen yet. The system consists of a long, rubberized pad to lay your electronics on top of and a hollow bottom with… »2/21/08 6:00pm2/21/08 6:00pm