Fortify Your Boring Cubical WIth an Industrial Desk Organizer

Whether you're working at a desk with lots of pens and pencils or you're working in a shop with wrenches and drills, you've got to keep them together. Otherwise, you can never find anything, ever. This industrial steel desk organizer is a rugged, yet elegant way to do that, whatever kind of office you work in. » 8/09/12 7:00pm 8/09/12 7:00pm

Springpad Is a Free Android Scrapbook (For Everything)

Springpad, the note-taking, idea-remembering, picture-snapping, list-keeping, location-remembering, bookmark-storing, task-keeping iPhone app has spawned an Android twin. My favorite thing about it? Every scrap of info-junk you collect is saved to Springpad's servers, accessible through their website. [Android Market, » 5/19/10 12:20pm 5/19/10 12:20pm

SpaceStation Organizer Looks Futuristically Minimal

We've seen our fair share of organizers over the years—especially since we live next door to those good-naturedly anal folks at Lifehacker—but this SpaceStation seems like it's the most minimal that we've seen yet. The system consists of a long, rubberized pad to lay your electronics on top of and a hollow bottom with… » 2/21/08 6:00pm 2/21/08 6:00pm

IntelliScanner Mini: Scan Your Life, One Barcode at a Time

The Intelliscanner has been miniaturized, and now it's called the Intelliscanner Mini, a palm-sized barcode reader to keep you organized. It's quite a bit smaller than the last time we saw it, and now it's been voted Best of Show at MacWorld 2007. Using its included software, you can automatically organize just about… » 1/22/07 11:05am 1/22/07 11:05am